Our Program

Mentoring Tucson’s Kids has been matching caring adults with at-risk youth since 1997. We are a faith-based organization working to be a positive influence to kids facing tough life challenges through one-to-one relationships.

Mentors are matched with youth for a minimum of one year, spending an hour or more per week together. Mentors and mentees develop a relationship with each other by spending time doing the things together that they enjoy most.

Who Do We Mentor?

Young Kids Who:

  • Are in inner city/urban communities
  • Have an incarcerated parent
  • Live in a single-parent, foster or group home
  • Have signs of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Have had contact with the juvenile justice system
  • Have been a victim of abuse or neglect

Why Are Mentors Important?

Youth participating in our mentoring relationships experience positive academic results. Mentoring reduces negative youth behaviors, and promotes positive social attitudes and relationships.