“There are so many hurting kids in the world. I wanted to do a small part to help provide some support and stability in at least one life.”

“My heart has a heavy burden for boys who have no father figure or male role model. They need guidance and an example to follow.”

“I love having fun with kids and talking with them about real choices.”

“I couldn’t believe the look of awe on my mentee’s face when he walked into a library for the first time. He was proud of his new library card.”

“My mentee was so sad about his home life that he said that he wanted to die. We went on a group fishing trip, caught a fish and won a 1st Place trophy. The next week he went to school and told all his friends that he was the best fisherman in the world! It was life changing for him.”

One of our ladies went to her first meeting with her mentee. She got to the house before her mentee got home from school. When she finally got home and found her mentor waiting for her, she seemed shocked. “I didn’t expect you to come.” She did and they had a great time.

“Mentoring Tucson’s Kids has made a tremendous difference in my life. I was fortunate enough to be paired with a great youn man, Aaron. Through Aaron I was able to get to know his three brothers: Jose, Christopher and Anthony. They will always have a special place in my heart and I look forward to keeping in touch with them for the rest of my life. I hope that I have made as positive of an impact on them as they have on me. I will always be thankful for the opportunity Mentoring Tucson’s Kids has given me to help shape these young men’s lives.”

                                                      -Nick Foles, former quarterback for the University of Arizona and current quarterback in the N.F.L. for the St. Louis Rams.