Thank you for considering Mentoring Tucson's Kids. It is our desire to match your child with a mentor who will provide a caring hand and sound guidance to your boy or girl as he or she struggles to make good choices. Our volunteers are caring adults who want to help a youth succeed. Mentors don’t try to replace a parent or act like a professional youth counselor. Rather they seek to be an adult friend who can be a positive influence in the child’s life.

Mentoring Tucson's Kids will seek to match your child with a mentor who not only shares common interests, but also lives within a reasonable distance from your home. Mentors assume responsibility for all transportation, and we want them to be accessible to their mentees.

We have a limited supply of qualified mentors so we can’t promise we’ll be able to bring your child into our program immediately; however, we will do everything possible to find just the right volunteer to help as soon as possible.

Once again, the first step in the process of finding a mentor for your child is to fill out the REQUEST A MENTOR form. You may save the file to your computer. When you are ready please fill out the form, save it and then attach it to an email addressed to 

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you might have throughout the process. You can contact our office by phone at 520-624-4765 ext. 3 or by email at

Thank you again for placing your trust in Mentoring Tucson’s Kid's. We look forward to working with you and your child.


Don McNeill Executive Director